Harlinda Syofyan (2016) Improving Science Students Learning Result Of Pgsd Through Problem Solving Method Towards Force Course In Esa Unggul University

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Sains learning outcomes are an y changes that occur on student ability with regard to science subjects as a result of following the process of learning science. The achievement of student learning outcomes include changes in ability in terms of mastery of science concepts, process maste ry and mastery Science attitude. In particular science learning outcomes in this study is limited to the control of products and processes Science .Method of problem solving is a way of presenting the material to make the subject matter as a starting point for the discussion analyzed and synthesized in an attempt to find solutions or answers by student.Goal this study was to obtain empirical data on learning outcomes Science held at the University Esa Unggul the material "Force". This research method that em phasizes action research to learning science by using the method of problem solving (problem solving). The subjects were students PGSD Semester 2 academic years 2015 - 2016 which amounted to 32 people. Another participant is the principal investigator and on e observer from the elements colleague on the same campus. Data collection techniques used in this research is through tests and observations. This study provides results that the achievement of a minimum completeness criteria on learning (mastery learning ) takes place on the second cycle of 87.5%. This study concluded: 1) methods of problem solving can improve learning outcomes Science to the basic competence "Force", and 2) There is a relationship between learning success with the operational steps of lea rning, which are designed in the classroom action research conducted by researchers.

Keywords : method of problem solving, learning outcomes of science, force


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