Irfan Fajrul Falah (2016) Improving Students‟ Ability On Descriptive Writing Through Picture

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This study aimed to figure out the students‟ ability on descriptive writing thr ough picture. It is a quantitative approach by using “one group pre - test and post - test” design. The sample of this study is PGSD VI PBI consist of 31 Students. Data collected by using observation and test and analyzed to statistically hypothesis Z - count. T he results show us that there is significant different between the average pre - test (64,94) and post - test (83,90). Based on the data gained statistically hypothesis on significance level ( α ) 0,05 resulted Zcount (5,831) > Ztab (2,38) Finally the writer sug gests to the English teacher to use appropriate media in developing students‟ writing ability. One of the media that can be used is picture.

Keywords : students’ ability, descriptive writing, picture


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