M. Adib Fuadi Nuriz, Jaffari Awang (2016) Religious Pluralism:the Influence Of Rationalism And Relativism On Muslim Scholars

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The discourse of religious pluralism at this time has an impact on the current Islamic thought. This ideology has been bribed religious doctrine that considers differences caused a fight, seeing that sacred of religion could produce religious fundamen talism which makes religious fundamentalism seems to be exclusive of other religions. This ideology tries to give asolution of the conflict between religion, creating harmony and religious tolerance. However, religious pluralism resistance from various religious scholars because of this ideology insists of rationalism and relativism. This study investigates the question of re lig ious pluralism that is based on the philosophy of relativism and rationalism. The study is literature research using a critical an alysis. The results of this study found that religious pluralism promoted by Leibniz, Russell, John Locke, and John Hick has b een based on the philosophy of rationalism and relativism to interpret the meaning of relative and equal. It was influenced to the Isla mic thought of Muslim Scholar like Fritjhof Schuon, Rene Guenon, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Fazlur Rahman and Murod Hoffman as Islamic inclusivism theology; theology which believes that Islam is a universal religion that accepts diversity and differenc es. Nurcholish Madjidideas of inclusivism also built the systematic methodologies that are capable of interpretation of Islam as a global understanding and agree with contemporary issues. It will be concludesin finding the strong influences of western pluralism in Islamic thought.

Keywords : Religious Pluralism, Relativism, Rationalism, Tolerance, Inclusivism