Ratna Sari (2016) Career Readiness To Be Islamic Teachers On University Students Towards Asean Economic Community (aec)

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This paper aims to criticize university students‟ career readiness to be Islamic teachers in order to face ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). It will be explore in more detail by using relevant literature. The enactment of AEC has begun since the end of 2015. The main issue which currently becomes the major concern is the opening of domestic labor market for fore ign workers regulated by ASEAN Movement of Natural Agreement (ASEAN MNP). Although teacher, particularly Islamic teacher, is a profession that is excluded in the mutual recognition arrangement in ASEAN MNP, but this profession can be included anytime accor ding to the commitment of ASEAN countries. Therefore, Islamic teachers must prepare themselves as they have a vital role to educate and prepare students to be competitive human resources. Readiness to undertake this role ca n be obtained since prospective t eacher is studying in universities.

Keywords : career readiness, readiness, teacher, Islamic teacher, ASEAN economic community


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