Nyoto Suseno, Riswanto (2017) Developing Collaborative Habits Of Prospective Teachers,



One of the weaknesses of teachers in Indonesia is a closed attitude and less accustomed to collaborating. One of the efforts that can be done in LPTK is through the habit of collaborating since the college, especially through lesson study in the micro-teaching course. Some types of prospective teachers seem to be active and some are passive in the discussion, but the important thing to note is the interaction between students. The process of habituating collaboration in micro-teaching begins by doing joint planning (plan), implement learning and observing (do), and reflect the implementation of learning together openly (see). The activity is done repeatedly during lectures with each student changing roles, sometimes as a teacher, a student, and an observer. Habituation through the lesson study is expected in turn will awaken a culture in the student self or a group of prospective teachers as a habit. This lesson study activity has a positive impact on the ability of prospective teachers in managing to learn in the classroom. Because with lesson study, there is a learning community which involved learning, listening, mutual correction, help, and respect. The process occurs gradually starting from the time of the first, second and third model, both individual or the classical also increase the average ability to teach prospective teachers. Keywords: Collaborative, habit & prospective teachers

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